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In-game music

Survivor is the eleventh challenge in Challenge mode. It becomes available by completing the first puzzle of Bonanza.

The puzzles of Survivor involve performing specific numbers of moves. Bomb Gems, Locked Gems, and Doom Gems appear during each puzzle in attempt to hinder progress.

Completing the first puzzle of Survivor unlocks Voltage, the next challenge in Challenge mode.


Puzzle Objective
Survivor 1 Perform 30 moves.
Survivor 2 Perform 45 moves.
Survivor 3 Perform 60 moves.
Survivor 4 Perform 80 moves.
Survivor 5 Perform 100 moves.
Survivor 6 Perform 125 moves.
Survivor 7 Perform 150 moves.
Survivor Eclipse Perform as many moves as possible.


  • The puzzles of Survivor are the only ones in Challenge mode that feature Bomb Gems, Doom Gems, and Locked Gems.
  • This and Stratamax are the only challenges that:
    • Have Eclipse puzzles that are not required to be completed within a time limit which also allow progress to be saved and resumed whenever.
    • In the PC and Mac versions of the Bejeweled Twist, they used the same music that is unique in which performing moves increases the tempo and adds more instrumentation: when you start moving, the tempo increases, and when there are 4 or less moves left, additional instrumentation is added. In the Eclipse puzzle, after the 8th turn, the version of the music when there are 4 or less moves left plays throughout the rest of the puzzle.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
PortugueseObstinadoObstinate (Can also mean "hidebound", "stubborn", "perverse", etc.)


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