Stone levels are one of the seven level types in Bejeweled Stars, along with Collect gem level, Detonated level, Crystal level, Butterflies level, Gravel level and Multitask level. Stone levels are the sixth level type introduced in the game. They first appear at Level 27.


To complete stone levels, the player must remove all the stone on the board. It can be destroyed by special gems-detonating or use power-ups.

In Level 44, Two-layered Stone are introduced. You must use special gems're effect two times for destroy them.

All special gems're effect can clear one layer only,along with power-ups(e.g.Hammer). But the combination can clear them quickly.


Stone levels complicated to complete because the stone can be destroyed by the special effect only, cannot destroyed by regular match.

If stone tiles is present at edge of board, especially the top and narrow area, clearing is more difficult, because Flame gems will drop to bottom, the effect doesn't cover this area. However, star gems and hypercube're effect still cover and Detonator(power-up) can be dispeled this issue.

Combination of special gems, this effect can clear stone tile quickly. Star gems combine with hypercube is be recommended when players combine them and match gems with star gems. The impact will be passed along a chain. This method is fastest to complete mission.

Two-layered stone must be destroyed by special effect two times. It increased trouble at level had them.

Stone with no gem on top of it still can be destroyed by hammers and special gems're effect.


First seen Last seen Total
Level 27 Level 205 54

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