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Star Medals are special medals that are found in Bejeweled Blitz. They are earned by reaching a specific score a number of times.


For each Star Medal, there are five levels. To complete a level, the Star Medal must be earned a certain number of times. They are:

  1. Level 1 - Earn a medal 10 times.
  2. Level 2 - Earn a medal 25 times.
  3. Level 3 - Earn a medal 50 times.
  4. Level 4 - Earn a medal 100 times.
  5. Level 5 - Earn a medal 250 times.

Once all five levels of a medal are complete, the medal is ranked Gold.


To earn a medal, you must score whatever the name is, eg 25K- finish a game with over 25,000 points, etc.

  • 25K
  • 50K
  • 75K
  • 100K
  • 125K
  • 150K
  • 175K
  • 200K
  • 225K
  • 250K
  • 300K
  • 350K
  • 400K
  • 450K
  • 500K

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