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The Speed Bonus as shown in Lightning Mode.

A Speed Bonus is a type of bonus that can be earned in the Bejeweled games. It is awarded for matching a certain number of gems in quick succession.


Bejeweled Twist

In this game, Speed Bonuses can be made by making six or more fast matches in a row. Any faltering will reset the bonus to zero. Speed Bonuses will reward extra points.

There are three Speed Bonus types:

  • Regular Speed Bonus: requires six fast matches in a row. Will award 1,000 points (2,500 in Blitz mode and 500 in Zen).
  • Hyperspeed Bonus: requires twelve fast matches in a row. Will award 2,000 points (5,000 in Blitz mode and 1,000 in Zen).
  • Gigaspeed Bonus: requires 18 fast matches in a row. Will award 4,000 points (10,000 in Blitz mode and 2,000 in Zen).

24 or higher consecutive fast matches will award Gigaspeed Bonuses.

Bejeweled Blitz

The Speed Bonus was taken to this game. According to a tip on the loading screen, the Speed Bonus is earned when three matches are made under three seconds. When earned, it will then increase the basic match value by 200. The next match is worth 300, and so on until 1,000. When that is reached, the Ignition Meter is unlocked. If more fast matches are made, it will fill with orange liquid. When full, it will unlock Blazing Speed. Any faltering will reset the meter down to zero. A special sound is heard when a Speed Bonus is earned and increases the pitch and tempo for each new match.

Bejeweled 3

It was then carried to this game and works in the same manner as in Bejeweled Blitz. It is only earned in Lightning Mode. In the Chinese Plus version, it takes significantly less matches to get a speed bonus and it is also featured in Ice Storm and Hurried Bomb modes

Names in other languages

Speed Bonus
Language Name Meaning
FrenchBonus de vitesseSpeed Bonus
GermanTempobonusSpeed Bonus
ItalianBonus velocitàSpeed Bonus
Supīdo Bōnasu
Speed Bonus
PortugueseBônus velozSpeed Bonus
SpanishBonus de velocidadSpeed Bonus
Hyperspeed Bonus
Language Name Meaning
FrenchBonus d'ultravitesseUltraspeed Bonus
GermanHyperspeed-BonusHyperspeed Bonus
ItalianBonus ipervelocitàHyperspeed Bonus
Haipā Supīdo Bōnasu
Hyper Speed Bonus
PortugueseBônus hipervelozHyperspeed Bonus
SpanishBonus de megavelocidadMegaspeed Bonus
Gigaspeed Bonus
Language Name Meaning
FrenchBonus d'hypervitesseHyperspeed Bonus
GermanGiga-Tempo-BonusGiga Speed Bonus
ItalianBonus ultravelocitàUltraspeed Bonus
Giga Supīdo Bōnasu
Giga Speed Bonus
PortugueseBônus megavelozMegaspeed Bonus
SpanishBonus de supervelocidadSuperspeed Bonus

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