The Skull Eliminator is a type of meter found exclusively in Poker Mode. What the Skull Eliminator does is self-explanatory: eliminating Skulls from the scoreboard. It does this by filling a the meter at the top of scoreboard with the points earned by hands. Bigger hands will fill up the meter more.


  • When a Skull appears on the board, the Skull Eliminator is automatically enabled. The meter will fill up once a hand is made, although the kind of hand made mustn't be covered by a Skull. The type of hand made will also determine how much the meter is filled, so large hands like Flushes will fill it up the most, while 3-of-a-Kinds will fill the least. When the meter gets filled, the highest Skull on the scoreboard will be removed. Once all Skulls are removed, the Skull Eliminator will automatically disable itself.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Kūlóu Xiāochú Qì
Skull Eliminator
GermanSchädeleliminatorSkull Eliminator
Dokuro Mētā
Skull Meter
PortugueseEliminador de CaveirasSkull Eliminator
SpanishFulminador de calaverasSkull Ravager

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