• The Skull Coin showing a clover, which continues the game.
  • The Skull Coin showing a Skull, which ends the game.

The Skull Coin is an aspect of gameplay only found in Poker in Bejeweled 3.


In Poker Mode, if a hand is made that is already dominated by a Skull, the Skull Coin appears.

There is a 50% chance of continuing the game. On one side, there is a clover, on the other side, there is a skull. If the clover is landed, the player is 'safe' and gameplay continues. However, if the skull is landed, the game is over.

As the game continues, the chance of being safe exponentially decreases with every flip, as well as the fact of Skulls appearing more frequently.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Kūlóu Yìngbì
Skull Coin
FrenchPièce crâneSkull Piece
(A piece is a coin valued at less than the principal unit of currency)
GermanSchädelmünzeSkull Coin
ItalianMoneta fataleFatal Coin
Dokuro Koin
Skull Coin
PortugueseMoeda CaveiraSkull Coin
SpanishMoneda calaveraSkull Coin

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