Big Scramble Green
Online play Gold 7,500
Offline play Silver 4,000

Scrambler, formally known as Scramble but still referred to as such in the README file, is a Boost featured in Bejeweled Blitz.

When purchased, this Boost creates a special button that occupies the bottom right square of the game board at the beginning of a game. Selecting the button rearranges all the gems, except those falling into the board from above, in a horizontal orientation. The Scramble button can be used only twice per game and is then removed from the board.

If the Scramble button is on the game board when a game ends, it disappears and rewards a base value of 1,500 points during the Last Hurrah.

Like all Boosts, Scrambler's effect lasts for three consecutive games before expiring.


  • It is possible to move the Scramble button by selecting a gem and then swapping it with the button.


  • In the PC version of Bejeweled Blitz, the Scramble button emits sparkles and its two circular arrows revolve around each other. In other versions of the game, the button is static.
  • Although Scrambler does not appear in Bejeweled 3, the sound effect that plays upon using the Scramble button is present in the game files.


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