Cat's Eye

Cat's Eye, one of the many Rare Gems in Bejeweled Blitz.

Rare Gems are special extra gems that can serve as power-ups, enhancing the player's game. They are features only found in Bejeweled Blitz but not the discontinued PC version. All of them cost coins in order to be activated, although some can be activated for free via in-game events and other giveaways from Bejeweled's Facebook fan page. All acquired Rare Gems that are not activated when the player receives them can be found in the "items" tab and they can be activated at any time before starting the game in Blitz mode.


There are 27 types of Rare Gems that can be earned and some of them can appear randomly. Although, according to a tip in the Facebook version that Rare Gems are very rare, they randomly appear more frequency and sometimes they appear after every match on Blitz and Party modes.

Since December 2014, Rare Gems can be earned through the Daily Challenge, where the player must earn the Gold Star Cat Rank by scoring at least a certain amount of points in the challenge. Rare Gems can also be earned by achieving certain Key Stone goals.

Rare Gems



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