Rapid Bomb is a game mode that appears in the Chinese Plus version of Bejeweled 3. It does not need to be unlocked by fulfilling any requirement as it can be accessed and played anytime from the play menu.


In this mode, the game starts with a Bomb Gem on the board set to 60 seconds. You must match Bomb Gems before they explode. Making matches quickly will earn Speed Bonuses and Blazing Speed Bonuses. As the game progresses, Bomb Gems appear more frequently and they set to 45, 30 and 15 seconds, so you must hurry! The game ends if a Bomb Gem ticks down to zero.

Bomb Gems' Counter

In Madness Bomb Mode, the Bomb Gems are set to 20/15/10/5 moves. In Rapid Bomb Mode, the Bomb Gems are set to 60/45/30/15 seconds. After the game ends, the total score is recorded and shows you how many Bomb Gems were destroyed, your best move (points), best Bomb Gem combo you have made, and the game duration.

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