Bejeweled Stars Powers

Powers in Bejeweled Stars allows players to perform special actions to the board. The Powers can be created by collecting or gaining special gems through gameplay.

Each Power can be created in the Power Lab using Sky Gems. The following is the list of all Powers that can be found in the game.

Power can be acquired by completed levels through normal gameplay, and also by completing constellations.

Name Level Acquired Ability SkyGems Needed Time
Flame Swapper 1 This Power allows the player to convert any one gem into a Flame gem of the same color. 10 Red

8 White

20 min.
Scrambler 21 Scrambles all the tiles on the board. Any special gems are not included in the scramble. 7 Blue

9 Purple

15 min.
Hammer 35 Allows the player to completely destroy any 1 tile on the board. 1 Blue

1 Purple

1 Red

1 White

5 Green

1 Yellow

1 Orange

4 hrs.
Flutter Gust 50 Moves all butterflies on the board down 3 tiles

6 White

3 Green

1 Yellow

15 min.
Fast Forward 55 Moves the board forward one move without using a turn.

2 Purple

3 Green

20 min.
Tide Turner 70 Reverses the flow of the board.

6 Blue

1 Green

4 min.
Star Swapper 90 This Power allows the player to convert any one gem into a Star gem of the same color.

5 Blue

5 Purple

4 Green

4 Yellow

2hrs. 30min.
Tile Swapper 110 Allows the player to swap the positions of any two files on the board.

3 Blue

3 Purple

3 Red

3 White

2 Green

1 Orange

4hrs. 30 min.
Hyper Swapper 125 ? ? ?
Chamber 131 ? ? ?
Positive Thinking 142 ? ? ?
Moustache 146 ? ? ?
Detonator 170 ? ? ?

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