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For the mini-quest of this mode with the same name, see Poker.

Poker Mode Start
In-game music
Original source
"Match gems and make your best hand."
— Game menu description from Bejeweled 3

Poker is a game mode in most versions of Bejeweled 3 except the mobile (J2ME) version. It is a Secret Mode that becomes available by reaching the fifth level in Classic mode. The game mode originally did not appear in the iOS and iPad versions of Bejeweled, but it became available via an update that was released on Feb 27, 2014.


Poker Mode How to Play

An overview of the game mode's instructions.

Poker mode features a large gameboard along with a pack of blank playing cards and a score table. Each game of Poker begins with five cards being dealt from the deck onto the gameboard. The objective of the game mode is to create poker hands by matching gems. Every time a match of gems is made, a card is turned over with an image of the gem type that was matched on it (for example, a match of red gems results with a card that has a red gem on it). After five matches have been made, the resulting hand is evaluated and points are added to the score. The amount of points earned depends on the hand created (see the Scoring section for more details). After points have been added to the score, another five cards are dealt from the deck and the process repeats. It is impossible to run out of moves in Poker mode.

Poker Mode Skull Intro

The notification that appears when a Skull is seen for the first time.

Throughout each game of Poker, white skull icons simply known as Skulls appear over the point values displayed on the score table, starting with the hand that awards the least amount of points. Whenever a Skull appears, the Skull Eliminator activates. While the Skull Eliminator is active, any hands created during the game will fill the meter, with hands that yield higher point values filling it more. Once the Skull Eliminator is full, a Skull is removed. As each game progresses, the rate in which Skulls appear increases. The maximum number of Skulls that can be present at the same time is six (at that point, you would need to make a Flush to continue safely).

Poker Mode Game Over

A Game Over in which the Skull Coin lands on the side with the skull on it.

Should a hand be created that is marked by a Skull, the Skull Coin will emerge from the score table and move toward the center of the board. Depending on what side the Skull Coin lands on, the game will either resume as normal or end immediately.

Upon completing a game of Poker, a Stats Screen will appear with various information about the finished game, such as the total number of hands created and the total number of Skulls cleared.


Poker Mode Spectrum

An example of a poker hand.

Unlike other game modes in Bejeweled 3, points in Poker mode are not earned by matching gems. Instead, points are awarded only by creating poker hands. A total of seven different hands can be made in Poker mode, all of which (except for one of them) are based on actual poker hands.

In addition, bonus points can be earned in Poker mode by creating Special Gems. Making Flame Gems create flaming cards that are worth 100 additional points, and making Star Gems create sparkling cards that are worth 250 additional points. Creating Hypercubes do not award bonus points, but instead create wildcards that adjust themselves to produce the best possible outcomes.

Interestingly, the game mode does not mention anything regarding the creation of Supernova Gems. It is possible (although very difficult) to make a Supernova Gem in Poker mode, but the result is unfortunately the same as creating a Star Gem: worth 250 bonus points, with a design of a flaming card.

Gameplay tips

  • Create wild cards to improve your poker hands. There are two ways to do this: First, if you make a move that creates two simultaneous matches, a wild card is created between the two gem types you just matched. (For example, if your move creates matching sets of both purple and yellow gems, you'll create a wild card in your hand that will be either purple or yellow.) Second, if you make a match that creates a Hypercube (five gems in a row), this will create a wild card of any gem type. The game will automatically figure out which color to pick to create your best hand.
  • Always study the board for your best possible hand before making a move. Try to identify multiple matches of the same color, then start from the top of board and work your way down.
  • When going for a Full House, try to make the 3 of a Kind first before working on the Pair. Sometimes the gems that drop in may give you a 4 of a Kind or Flush instead!
  • Because you only get five matches in this mode, it's often better to go for simple 3-gem matches rather than holding out for a Flame or Star gem.
  • If you can't keep you hand confined to two colors, go for the Spectrum hand. It'll score higher than the lowly Pair.
  • Once you see those skulls creeping up the scoreboard, you need to start scoring better hands to keep the game going. The better the hand you make, the more points you'll score. Score enough points and you'll wipe a skull out and keep your game alive.


Icon Name Description
Bejeweled 3 Ante Up Ante Up Achieve specific high scores in Poker.
Bejeweled 3 The Gambler The Gambler Create certain amounts of flushes in Poker.


  • Whenever a Skull is present, a message informing what hands can be made that are safe can be seen above the board.
  • Doing the "Full House" hand twice (worth 30000 points in total) will eliminate a skull. However, doing Four of a Kind hand once, which is also worth 30000 points, will not eliminate a skull; a flush will do so.

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