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Phoenix Prism
Bejeweled Blitz Phoenix Prism copy
Basic information
Introduced June 2, 2011
Rare Gem type Standard
Harvest Coin 75,000
Streak Coin 60,000
Lowest Streak Coin 50,000

Phoenix Prism is a standard type of Rare Gem in Bejeweled Blitz. It is a triangular prism with a beam of light entering one side of it and a rainbow-colored phoenix exiting the other side.

Throughout the game, six wildcard gems will appear one at a time. These can be matched with any basic gem type. Clearing a wildcard gem from the game board removes all gems in a diagonal formation. Matching a wildcard with a Hypercube instead clears every gem on the board.

After the Last Hurrah, a coin bonus occurs in which a phoenix appears and bursts into flames, releasing several feathers with various coin amounts on them. As the feathers descend, a baby phoenix emerges from the pile of ash and catches a random feather with its beak. The number of coins that can be earned from the bonus ranges from 1,000 to 100,000 (or 1,000,000 during a Phoenix Prism Million Coin Payout event), with a golden feather indicating the largest number. A special Burn-Up Bonus is then given in which the number of extra points awarded equals 5,000 times the achieved Score Multiplier level.



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