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Basic information
Introduced December 8, 2015
Rare Gem type {{{raregemtype}}}
Harvest Coin 70,000
Streak Coin 65,000
Lowest Streak Coin 60,000

Mistlestone is a limited edition type of Rare Gem in Bejeweled Blitz. It is a green and red gemstone that resembles a decorative mistletoe. This Rare Gem was created as a way to celebrate Christmas.

When the game begins, a special game board pattern that features a random basic gem with a mistletoe on it appears. This gem functions the same way as a Flame Gem does except it also removes nearby gems in the cardinal directions and rewards a random Special Gem in its place. Clearing more gems throughout the game causes additional mistletoe gems to appear.

After the Last Hurrah, a coin bonus occurs in which the number of gems with mistletoe on them cleared during the game is evaluated; the more of these gems cleared, the greater the number of coins rewarded.


  • The name of this Rare Gem is a portmanteau of "mistletoe" and "stone".


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