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Mega Fruit Bonus Fruit Dance
The Mega Fruit Bonus is a bonus that you get when you match the 4 bonus gems in a row after matching a Fruit Gem.

After making the 4 consecutive matches in order, it will pause the gameplay, and a bunch of grapes will start dancing. After a few seconds, the lemon and orange appears, followed by the apple and melon. Then they will spell out the word "BONUS" and the fruits will dance on the letters, every time it hits a letter you will either score 50 (Zen), 100 (Classic), or 250 (Blitz) points. When the bonus dance is done, each letter will give 5000,10000,15000,20000 and finally 25000 points, then it will resume gameplay and a bad gem on the board will turn into a fruit gem. If there are no bad gems on the board, a random gem will turn into a fruit gem. If there are multiple bomb gems on the board, the bomb gem with the lowest number will turn into a fruit gem.


If you match the wrong gem or make a matchless move, then you will have missed the Mega Fruit Bonus and you would have to match another fruit gem to get a new bonus combination.The next bonus will not be a Mega Fruit Bonus.

The Fruit Gem,Mega Fruit Bonuses are only available in Bejeweled Twist

The Fruit Gem is also used in a Supernova Creation Tactic in Bejeweled that involves using fruit to make gems fall and create a Supernova Gem,or multiple supernova gems.

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