Madness Bomb (also known as Madness Bomb mode) is a mode that appears in the Chinese version of Bejeweled 3. It does not need to be unlocked by fulfilling any requirement.


In Madness Bomb mode, the game starts with a Bomb Gem on the board set to 20 moves. Every valid move causes all Bomb Gems on the board to tick down by 1. The player has to destroy as many Bomb Gems as they can before any bomb ticks down to 0. When a score of 500,000 is attained, Bomb Gems set to 15-move bombs will appear and they will appear more frequently. However, 10-move and 5-move bombs will not appear, but it is possible to make them appear by modifying a certain document that is located inside the game files. The game ends when a Bomb Gem counts down to 0.


  • Like in Ice Storm mode, the game ends once the score reaches or exceeds 1 million points (by dropping a zero-move bomb and immediately exploding into Game Over). This is presumably caused by the fact that there is no provision for 10-move bombs by default, which theoretically should appear at 1 million points. However, a lack of hard evidence makes this theory impossible to prove.

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