Bejeweled 3 Chromatic We need more Hypercubes and Star Gems. Bejeweled 3 Stellar

This article is currently under construction. So expect incomplete information on this page.

This page contains a list of all the levels in Bejeweled Stars.

Aim for the Stars! levels

Creekhollow Downs levels

Gustygale Gully levels

Rockbound Mesa levels

Firefly Bend levels

Aeriedown Bridge levels

Skyview Vista levels

Bitterberg Tundra levels

Sandstone Gorge levels

Chillmist Vale levels

Shimmering Ravine levels

Glitterdust Canyon levels

Sleepingrock Isle levels

Tumblerun Creek levels

Echowind Tower levels

Eaglebreath Path levels

Flickerflame Narrows levels

Timelost Cliffs levels

Shadowsong Refuge levels

Frostpeak Crag levels

Darkwood Spring levels

Wintershine Hill levels

Snowcapped Pass levels

Mossyrock Ruins levels

Timberdown Brook levels

Zephysky Spire levels

Breezygrove Heights levels

Meadowlark Trail levels

Blazerock Ridge levels

Jewelmist Rise levels

Smoldercliff Desert levels

Icicle Meadows levels

Coolbreeze Fields levels

Sparkling Spire levels

Labyrinthine Tunnels levels

Rustrock Bluff levels

Rogue's Reliquary levels

Parched Climb levels

Ancient Memories levels

Memory's Echoes levels

Glacier Playground levels

Jungle Run levels

Larry's Lair levels

Terrible Temple levels

Glacier Garden levels

Glacier Glade levels

Herringbone Henge levels

Warlock's Wilderness levels

Ethereal Expanse levels

Scintillating Sands levels

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