The Last Hurrah, often abbreviated LH, is a feature in Bejeweled Blitz and Lightning mode of Bejeweled 3. It is a bonus added to the end of the game, detonating any unused Special Gems and other types of gems, depending on which game the user is playing.

In Bejeweled Blitz, this includes the detonation of Multiplier Gems, Detonator, Scrambler, and Rare Gems and collecting any coins. It adds points to the score, but any detonated Multiplier Gems will not add to the Multiplier total. After it is over, the Multiplier total is turned into coins and the game ends (unless there are matched gems).

In Lightning mode, unmatched Time Gems are also collected.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Zuìhòu dí Kuánghuān
Final Party
FrenchBouquet finalFinal Bouquet
GermanLetztes HurraLast Hurrah
ItalianAtto finaleFinal Act
Rasuto Bōnasu
Last Bonus
PortugueseÚltimo HurraLast Hurrah
SpanishTraca finalFinal Fireworks

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