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Ice Storm
Ice Storm Quest

Ice Storm is a type of mini-quest that appears in Quest mode.


Ice Storm Quest Help

The message that appears explaining the objective of the mini-quest.

In Ice Storm, columns of ice extrude upwards from the bottom of the board. The objective of the mini-quest is to clear a certain number of gems while preventing the ice columns from reaching the top, the latter of which is done by matching gems over the columns. The types of matches made have different effects on the rising ice; horizontal matches only push down ice columns, while vertical matches shatter them. Columns of ice can also be pushed down/destroyed by using Special Gems. It is worth noting that some ice columns rise faster than others.

Ice Storm Quest Game Over

The board completely frozen over.

When an ice column reaches the top of the board, a warning icon (in the form of a blue skull) appears over the column and a secondary ice column begins to rise. This internal column disappears when the primary ice column is pushed downed or destroyed. When a secondary ice column reaches the top of the board, the warning icon displayed above the column turns red and enlarges. If the column of ice is not pushed down or destroyed within a few seconds, the mini-quest ends in which the entire board completely freezes over.

During the mini-quest, Hypercubes randomly drop onto the board. They can be used to help push down/destroy ice columns more effectively.


Ice Storm appears in Quest mode a total of three times, with the amount of gems required to be cleared getting progressively larger with each mini-quest. The rate in which the ice columns rise toward the top of the board increases with each mini-quest as well.

  • Ice Storm – Clear 150 gems while preventing ice from reaching the top of the board.
  • Ice Storm II – Clear 200 gems while preventing ice from reaching the top of the board.
  • Ice Storm III – Clear 250 gems while preventing ice from reaching the top of the board.


Early Ice Storm Quest

An early screenshot of Ice Storm (Japanese version). Notice the presence of double-wide ice columns.

  • Although double-wide ice columns do not appear in the Ice Storm mini-quests, early screenshots of Bejeweled 3 show that they did at one point.
  • When a secondary ice column approaches the top of the board, the column pulses bright red and a warning sound can be heard. The background also darkens and additional instrumentation is added to the in-game music to intensify the situation.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Bīng Fēngbào
Ice Storm
GermanEissturmIce Storm
Aisu Sutōmu
Ice Storm

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