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For the game mode of this mini-quest with the same name, see Ice Storm mode.

Ice Storm

Icon ice storm

Ice Storm

In-game music
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Ice Storm is a type of mini-quest featured in Quest.


Ice Storm Help

A dialog box providing information about the first Ice Storm mini-quest.

In the Ice Storm mini-quests, singlewide columns of ice extrude from the bottom of the game board toward the top. The goal of each mini-quest is to clear a specific number of gems and destroy the columns by matching gems over them. The types of matches have different effects on the rising ice; horizontal matches only push down columns, while vertical matches shatter them. Special Gem effects can lower and destroy ice columns as well.

Ice Storm Game Over

The game board, as it appears frozen over.

When an ice column reaches the top of the game board, a skull icon appears over the column and an "internal" column begins to rise. Pushing down or destroying the original ice column removes this secondary column. As an internal column approaches the top, various things that intensify the situation occur (a warning sound plays, the background darkens, etc.). When a secondary ice column reaches the top, the skull icon above the column turns red and enlarges. If the column is not pushed down or destroyed within a few seconds, the mini-quest ends in which the entire board freezes over.

During each Ice Storm mini-quest, Hypercubes fall into the game board every now and then.


Mini-quest Associated Relic Description
Ice Storm
Ice Storm
Relic 2 The goal of this mini-quest is to clear 150 gems while preventing ice columns from freezing the game board over.
Ice Storm II
Ice Storm II
Relic 4 The goal of this mini-quest is to clear 200 gems while preventing ice columns from freezing the game board over.
Ice Storm III
Ice Storm III
Relic 5 The goal of this mini-quest is to clear 250 gems while preventing ice columns from freezing the game board over.


  • Pausing the game during an Ice Storm mini-quest causes the gems to vanish, but they reappear upon resuming the game. This most likely happens to prevent "cheating."


  • An early screenshot of Bejeweled 3 shows that the Ice Storm mini-quests originally had doublewide ice columns.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bīng Fēngbào
Ice Storm
GermanEissturmIce Storm
Aisu Sutōmu
Ice Storm


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