Gravel levels are one of seven types in Bejeweled Stars, along with Collect gem levelDetonated level, Crystal levelButterflies level and Multitask level. Gravel levels are the last level type introduced in the game. They first appear at Level 85.


To complete Gravel levels, the player must remove all gravel on the board. It can be destroyed by make matches or use power-ups or special gems're effect.

Flame Gems and Star Gems is helpful gravel-clearing . They can remove them very much once, especially they detonated near gravel or combine.

Hypercube is useless because they can't help for destroy directly; whereas, hypercube combined with other special gems.


Gravel levels are somewhat hard than other levels. The levels are often easy if there are few special tiles, colors and gravels but harder if there're too many special tiles, colors and gravels.


First seen Last seen Total
Level 85 Level 204 13

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