Gravel is blocker in Bejeweled Stars. Introduced in Level 85. It is the main blocker in this game, same to Multilayered Icing in Candy Crush Saga, and the most abundant blocker a player will come across whilst playing the game. As the game progresses, the blocker gathers more and more layers; therefore it makes the game harder. In many levels, Gravel-clearing is mission.


Gravel occupies one square and is stuck until cleared. It can be broken by making matches adjacent to it, or through any special gem's effects reaching the blocker. This procedure needs to be repeated as many times as there are layers.

Explanation in game "Match gems next to Gravel to blast it away!"

Types of Gravel

All types introduced in Level 85.

PicsArt 06-08-03.37.22
  • One-layered Gravel - It only takes one match adjoining to the slot to clear the slot. The color of this is light brown and has some dark brown striped.
PicsArt 06-08-03.39.00
  • Two-layered Gravel - This blocker takes two hits to destroy. It features a gravel with a drak brown layer center.
  • Three-layered Gravel - This blocker takes three hits to destroy. It features a gravel with a lurid layer center.
    PicsArt 06-08-03.40.25
  • Four-layered Gravel - This blocker takes four hits to destroy. It features a gravel with a fuscous layer center.
PicsArt 06-08-03.41.38

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