Dorsal Minor is the sixteenth and penultimate of Puzzle mode's seventeen planets. It becomes available when any four of Virago Ceti's five puzzles have been solved.

The puzzles of Dorsal Minor are arranged in various formations and in checkered patterns. Most of the puzzles contain only two different basic gem types, but the fourth contains four basic gem types instead. The first and fifth puzzles also have Rocks.

Completing any four of Dorsal Minor's five puzzles unlocks access to the seventeenth and final planet in Puzzle mode. Traveling to this world triggers a cutscene in which a congratulatory message is given and then the credits of Bejeweled 2 are shown. If all eighty puzzles were solved, a notification informing that Cognito mode has been unlocked appears afterward.


  • The formations of Dorsal Minor's puzzles actually resemble letters that spell "BJWLD", which is "BEJEWELED" without the Es.