Diamond Mine
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"Dig deep to unearth buried treasure"
Bejeweled 3, game menu description

Diamond Mine is a game mode in Bejeweled 3 and Bejeweled Classic. In the PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 versions of Bejeweled 3, it becomes available when the player completes any four mini-quests of the first Relic in Quest Mode. In the mobile version, it becomes available when the player reaches the fifth level in a game of Classic.


Diamond Mine Mode How to Play

An overview of Diamond Mine's instructions.

In Diamond Mine, the game board resembles a large digging machine with the gems placed inside it. The board also includes many dirt squares, which make up the lower rows. The object of Diamond Mine is to clear the earth by matching gems next to it. Special Gem effects can remove dirt as well. Between the sixth and seventh rows of the board is a white line called the Dig Line. When the player clears all the earth above this line, any remaining dirt will rise until the top of it reaches the fourth row, and new earth will appear at the bottom to simulate digging deeper into the ground. For each row of new earth added to the bottom, a depth indicator will increase by 10 meters.

Each game of Diamond Mine begins with only four basic gem types: red, yellow, green, and white. Blue and purple gems appear as the game progresses; orange gems do not appear at all in Diamond Mine.

Diamond Mine Mode Dark Rock Intro

The dialog box that appears when the player encounters dark rock for the first time.

In addition to dirt, Diamond Mine features rocks, stones, and boulders. These are denser than regular earth; therefore, they require extra adjacent matches to clear them. Like dirt, Special Gem effects can break down and remove rocky ground. When the player reaches 200 meters in Diamond Mine, the game mode will introduce a new type of rocky earth called dark rock. Unlike rocks, stones, and boulders, only Special Gem effects can remove dark rocks.

Throughout each game of Diamond Mine, Hypercubes will occasionally drop into the board. There are also Hypercubes embedded in random dirt squares that the player can use when uncovered, but these particular Hypercubes appear only from 40 to 120 meters.

At the side of the board is the Timer Bar. Each game of Diamond Mine begins with a 90-second time limit. If the player clears all the earth above the Dig Line, the game will add 30 seconds to the Timer Bar. If the player removes all the dirt and rocky ground from the board, the game will add 90 seconds. In Bejeweled Classic, the respective time bonuses are 25 and 70 seconds instead. It is possible for the Timer Bar to exceed its original time limit.

Diamond Mine Mode Time Up

The digging machinery breaking down.

When the Timer Bar reaches 30 seconds, "The Voice" will announce a brief warning about the amount of time remaining. When the Timer Bar reaches 15 seconds, the digging machinery will emit a pulsing red glow and a warning sound will play; these effects will intensify as the time limit approaches expiration. When the Timer Bar runs out, the game ends in which the machinery breaks down in a series of explosions.

When the player finishes a game of Diamond Mine, a Stats Screen with various information about the completed game will appear.


Unlike other game modes, the player earns points in Diamond Mine by collecting various treasures found embedded in random dirt squares. When the player unearths treasure, it will place itself in a glass container that is suspended beneath the game score. The container is absent in the mobile version of Bejeweled 3; uncovered treasure will float toward the game score and then disappear instead. Below is a list of the different kinds of treasures in Diamond Mine, along with their respective point values and descriptions of each type.

Type Description Point value
This consists of sparkling nuggets. It appears throughout each game of Diamond Mine, but it becomes less frequent as the board reaches further depths. 2,000–6,000
These are shimmering crystals that come in four colors of increasing value: cyan, blue, purple, and red. They do not appear until the game board reaches 140 meters. The point values awarded when the player unearths diamonds are actually smaller than the point numbers that appear. This oddity exists only in the PC and Mac versions, and it is unknown if it is intentional or not. Bejeweled fans refer the oddity as a "Crystal Tax". 10,000–25,000
Item DmGem big
These are objects that are often decorated with jewels. They appear throughout each game of Diamond Mine until the board exceeds 990 meters. When the player unearths an artifact, it will display its name and point value. Diamond Mine features a total of 46 different artifacts. Sometimes it is possible to collect the same artifact twice in a single game. 7,500–150,000


Diamond Mine Mode Tutorial

A tutorial message explaining how to play Diamond Mine.

  • When the player accesses Diamond Mine for the first time, the gems will be arranged in a specific layout and an informative message will appear over a yellow gem. This happens only if the player did not play a Gold Rush mini-quest before accessing Diamond Mine.
    • Because of this, the tutorial appears only in versions of Bejeweled 3 that feature Quest Mode.
  • Pausing the game in Diamond Mine will cause the gems to vanish, but they reappear upon resuming the game. This most likely happens to prevent "cheating."
  • Exiting the game and continuing from the last saved game will revert the number of colors back to 5.
  • When the game board moves up, existing gems in the upper rows will be pushed off the top of the board.
  • If there are no possible matches when the game board moves up, a random basic gem will transform into a Hypercube.
  • It is possible to keep making moves after clearing all the earth above the Dig Line. However, the Timer Bar will continue counting down.
    • If the Timer Bar runs out, the game board will move up by itself.


Image Name Description
Bejeweled 3 Diamond, Mine Diamond, Mine Score specific numbers of points in Diamond Mine.
Bejeweled 3 Relic Hunter Relic Hunter Unearth specific numbers of artifacts in a game of Diamond Mine.


Image Name Description Value
Diamond Miner Diamond Miner Reach a depth of 200 meters in Diamond Mine. 10G (Xbox 360 version)
Silver Trophy (PlayStation 3 version)


  • The name of this game mode is a reference to the fact that Bejeweled was known as Diamond Mine, but the name was changed because it was too similar to that of an existing game called Diamond Mines.
  • In all versions of Bejeweled 3 except the mobile version, points in Diamond Mine are awarded in the form of currency.
  • As each game of Diamond Mine progresses, the earth surrounding the digging machinery will gradually darken. This feature does not affect gameplay, and it exists only in the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 versions of Bejeweled 3.
  • When the depth indicator exceeds 990 meters, it will display MAX (in most versions of Bejeweled 3) or 999 (in the Nintendo DS version) throughout the rest of the game.
  • Based on evidence present in the game files of Bejeweled 3, the original name of Diamond Mine was Buried Treasure.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Zuànshí Kuàng
Diamond Mine
FrenchMine de diamantDiamond Mine
GermanDiamantmineDiamond Mine
Daiyamondo Main
Diamond Mine
SpanishMina de diamantesDiamond Mine


PC and Mac versions

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