Dark Hypercube In-game
Appearance(s): Bejeweled Stars

DarkSphere is a special gem exclusive to Bejeweled Stars. It is created by making a horizontal or vertical match of 6 or more gems only possible during a cascade. When swapped with a normal gem, it turns all gems of the same color into Hypercubes. When swapped with other Special Gems:

  • Flame Gem or Star Gem: Same effect when swapped with a normal gem.
  • Hypercube or DarkSphere: Clears the board.


  • The way this special gem is created is similar to the Supernova Gem from previous Bejeweled series games such as Bejeweled Twist and Bejeweled 3, though the gems function differently when used.
  • Matching gems in a big T shape with 5 in a line and 2 to the side of the middle gem will only create a Hypercube since Bejeweled Stars only allowed 1 special gem to be created per gem matching.

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