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For the Classic mode of Bejeweled 2 and 3, see Classic mode; and for Bejeweled, see Original mode.

Bejeweled Twist Classic Mode Tip
"Play Bejeweled Twist in its original fiendishly addictive form. How far can you get?"
— Game menu description from the mobile version of Bejeweled Twist

Classic is a game mode featured in Bejeweled Twist. This mode is similar to the Classic modes of other Bejeweled series games however, this mode applies the new gameplay mechanics and elements of Bejweled Twist. Instead of receiving a Game Over with no moves left, since the game allows the player to make matchless moves, failing to disarm the Disarm Spinner or a Doom Gem explosion can end the game. This mode also contains Locked Gems and Coals, and other gameplay features of this game. Other than that, the goal is the same as usual as its counterpart.


The gameplay is basic, with the basic gems, Flame Gems, Lightning Gems, Fruit Gems, and Coals as well as detriental gems to make this mode harder. There is no time limit per level, although the only limit is a certain number of moves before the Bomb Gems and Dooms Gems explode. Since the is no hint button in this game, the only way to receive hints is to wait for the sparkles to appear.

The goal is to match 3 or more gems, with the addition of completing challenges (expect for the mobile version) and destroying Coals, to fill in the Level-up Tube in order to advance to the next level. When the level is completed, all bad gems will be removed and beneficial Special Gems will be carried on to the next level.

After that, a short cutscene will play, depending on the version the player is using;

  • On the Windows, Mac, Nintendo DS and DSiWare versions; the Player's Space Ship, followed by Special Gems behind it, will warp into the next Planet; passing by Stars, other Planets and one of the Cameo UFOs. There's a chance that it will not show any of them and it will simply change the camera angle of the Player's Space Ship flying. After that, the Special Gems will be placed on any of the Gems on the board (with the exception of the Fruit Gems as these will be placed on the same shape and color of one of the Gems that match it instead) before the level starts. This cutscene can be skipped at any time in the Nintendo DS and DSiWare versions.
  • If 3D Acceleration is disabled on the Windows and Mac OS X versions however, the screen will simply fade into the space background; with the Special Gems floating onto it, fades into the next planet, and any Special Gems will be placed on the board before the level starts.
  • On the mobile version, the board closes itself; warps into the next planet, with the camera following next showing the colored stars passed by; and the board re-opens itself with the Special Gems carried on before the level starts.

During that cutscene (or before that cutscene in the Nintendo DS and DSiWare versions), the player will receive the amount of Skill Stars based on the level number he or she is on (for example, if the player completes Level 15 of this mode, he or she will receive 15 Skill Stars).

As the player advances to higher levels, more Bomb Gems and Doom Gems; with their counters reduced, as well as Coals and Locked Gems will appear, making the level even harder if the player doesn't have enough Special Gems.

Gameplay tips

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In the Windows and Mac OS X versions, one of these tips is briefly shown after the player loads a game of this mode. This is the list of tips:

  • Watch for sparkles... They show you potential matches!
  • Twisting rotates all 4 gems under your cursor clockwise.
  • Consecutive matches up your Chain Meter and Score Multiplier!
  • Match 4 gems in a row to create an explosive Flame Gem!
  • Match 5 gems in a row to create an awesome Lightning Gem!
  • Match Bomb Gems with gems of the same color before they tick down!
  • Bomb Gems only count down when you move... so take your time!
  • Bomb Gems can also be destroyed by Flame or Lightning Gems!
  • If a Bomb Gem ticks to zero, you'll get one last chance to defuse it!
  • Each time you defuse a Bomb your odds get worse, so be careful!
  • Bomb Gems are also cleared when you complete a level.
  • Stuck? Watch for sparkles that hint where to twist next.
  • Power gems will follow you to the next level.
  • Tired of Bomb Gems? Try Zen mode for a peaceful, easy feeling!
  • Earn the Bonus by making matches of the four specified colors in a row!
  • Complete the Bonus Challenge to up your Multiplier and clear bad gems!
  • Blow Coals apart with Flame or Lightning to get the Geodes inside!
  • Hit the Replay button after an especially good move to watch it again!
  • Finishing a level clears Locks, Bombs, and Doom Gems from the board.
  • Doom Gems only appear after level 13 in Classic mode.
  • Get Rank Stars by completing levels to score a new title and insignia!
  • In Classic, you earn Rank Stars equal to the level number you finish.
  • Watch for patterns in the gems... an 'L' shape can usually match.
  • Blow up multiple Coals at once to increase your Geode bonus!
  • Want a quick game? Play Blitz mode... every game is just 5 minutes!
  • Max out the 10x Score Multiplier to earn a Fruit Gem!
  • In Blitz, Bomb Gems will end your game instantly if they hit zero!
  • Doom Gems will end your game if they count down to zero.
  • Play Zen mode for relaxation... you can't lose!
  • Complete two gem sets at once for a point bonus!
  • Matching 5 gems at once in an 'L' shape creates a Flame Gem.
  • Make six good moves without pause to earn a Speed Bonus!
  • Watch closely--you will be warned the turn before a Lock appears.
  • Try Challenge mode to measure your skills against 13 unique tests!
  • All bad gems are cleared when you complete a level.
  • Remember, good gems will follow you to the next level!
  • Complete all 7 levels of a Challenge planet to unlock Eclipse mode.
  • If the Chain Meter is empty, a matchless move drops your Multiplier.
  • Don't miss more than one match in a row to keep your Multiplier up.
  • Play Blitz mode for a fast 5-minute game... what's your top score?
  • You can drag the Twist window to resize it to your preference!
  • Earn Stars to increase your Rank and unlock new modes!
  • Your Rank insignia is displayed near the top of the Score Tube.
  • You earn Rank Stars at different rates in each game mode.
  • Zen mode never ends. You can't lose!
  • Keep the Multiplier going by alternating matching and matchless moves.
  • Click High Scores from the main menu to check all your personal stats!
  • After a game, you can watch Replays of your best moves!
  • Explode several Coals with a big Multiplier for a massive boost!
  • Play Zen mode to explore the universe at your own pace.
  • Play Blitz mode for a fast-paced 5 minute game!
  • Max out the Chain Meter twice to earn super-rare Fruit Gems!
  • Fruit Gems clear all like-colored gems and have some special powers!
  • Hit the Replay button after an especially good move to watch it again!
  • It's possible to make a 6-gem match... or even a 7 or 8 gem match!
  • Explore the universe and see strange new planets in Zen mode.
  • Each planet in Challenge mode has seven levels of difficulty to master.
  • A top score in Blitz requires clever use of chains and multipliers.
  • Each detonated Coal releases one to three bonus Geodes.
  • Make six matches really quickly to earn a Speed Bonus.
  • Remember to keep Flame and Lightning around to deal with Doom Gems!
  • Doom Gems only count down when you move without making a match.
  • The Multiplier only drops a level if you miss a move when it's empty.
  • Max the Chain Meter out twice to earn rare Fruit Gems.
  • Destroying Bomb Gems adds matches to your Chain Meter.
  • Match 6 gems in a row to create a super-powered gem!
  • Complete level 1 of a Challenge to unlock the following planet.


  • On the Cameo UFOs seen in this mode in some versions of this game, these features some characters from other PopCap games and Snackers.
  • In Bejeweled Twist, reaching the eleventh level in this mode unlocks Blitz Mode except for the mobile version.
  • On the readme file of the Windows and Mac OS X versions of Bejeweled Twist, this mode is referred to as Bomb mode. It is possible that it is one of its early names.
  • According to evidence found inside the game files of Bejeweled Twist, it seems that the original name of this game mode in Bejeweled Twist was Casual.
  • It is only the single game mode in the DSiWare version of Bejeweled Twist.


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