Chuzzle Bingo!

Chuzzle Bingo! is a trophy that can be earned in Chuzzle. It is awarded for clearing one color of Chuzzle across the entire board in any game mode.

The image representing this trophy is of a white disk with a blue outline. On the disk is a blue five-pointed star with a yellow outline, with a large 'B' situated on it.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FrenchBingo !Bingo!
GermanChuzzle-Bingo!Chuzzle Bingo!
ItalianChuzzle bingo!Chuzzle Bingo!
Chazuru Bingo!
Chuzzle Bingo!
PortugueseBingo chuzzle!Chuzzle Bingo!
Spanish¡Bingo Chuzzle!Chuzzle Bingo!

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