Butterflies level is one of the six level types in Bejeweled Star. this level type first appear at Level 16 and last appear at Level 188, in version 2.0.6.


To complete butterflies level, the player must collect butterflies on the board according to prescribe. The collecting can be did by regular match or use special effect.


Butterflies levels aren't complicated to complete, but you must careful when butterflies reach to top of board. If players doesn't match gem for drop them. They will be escaped and game over instantly.

Butterflies will be moved to upper one tile when you match gems a time, regular gem will be moved to bottom and replace butterfly. It can obstruct to create special gems. However, the moving is be prevented by special tile (e.g. Blackhole or Cloud).

Effect of special gems useful for collect butterflies, especially Flame Gem, its burst-area help for butterflies-collecting more and more.

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