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Bonus Challenge is a gameplay element in Bejeweled Twist that gives a boost to the Score Multiplier and removes a Locked Gem, Bomb Gem, or Doom Gem in the board when the player matches four certain types of regular gems in a row.


  • This element was removed in the mobile version due to the screen limitations of various mobile phone models.
  • The total number of variations is 2793.
    • 2793 =
      • 2401 + 343 + 49;
      • 2401 + 392;
      • 2744 + 49;
      • 2450 + 343.
    • 2793 is the number of variations, with 2401 with no pairs, 343 with pairs, and 49 with two pairs.
  • By editing the config.xml file in the Windows and Mac OS X versions, it is possible to add or reduce the required number of certain regular gem matches. For example, changing the required matches into 1.
  • If there are multiple bomb gems on the board, it will remove the one with the lowest number on it.
    • If the player max out the multiplier twice at that point it will remove the bomb gem with the lowest number and turn the one with the second lowest number into a fruit gem.

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