• HollowEarth13

    I was thinking if we could add 'walkthrough' videos to the Quest mode page, I think it could help out players that are new to it. What do you think?

    And does anyone have videos they're willing to put on? Thanks. :)

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  • HollowEarth13

    I have heard of Bejeweled Skies, but I have no idea if PopCap has released yet or if it's not on iPad yet. Does anybody know or have the game?

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  • Theninja1

    I made level 50 in classic!

    February 24, 2016 by Theninja1

    24th of February 2016, posted at 8:53:07

    Hey guys,today,I made a very big level in classic. My strategies:

    Doing moves from the top

    Saving hypercubes

    I made 1 Supernova gem,and Hypercube to Hypercube once. :)

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  • Theninja1

    I'm done with Quest

    February 17, 2016 by Theninja1

    17th of February,2016

    Hey guys! I've been working on the final relic for so long,and today I am done!

    I've stumbled up on the Poker Quest of the final relic.4000 points?Thats's very very hard!

    I've made two flushes this time,lucky,isn't it?Well guys,that's poker! Do you guys made it?

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  • ErnestoAM

    "Storage place".

    • Obtain them from getting stars on levels. 2 coins per star.
    • In-app purchases
      • 80 Coins - $0.99 US
      • 430 Coins - $4.99 US
      • 870 Coins - $9.99 US
      • 2200 Coins - $24.99 US
      • 4450 Coins - $49.99 US

    Can be fed 3 times for free at the first time, then you can create Chicken Treats from the formula below or feed it for free once a day.

    Description: "Feed this to the Chicken for prizes!"

    Formula to make: 1 White SkyGem, 1 Blue SkyGem, 1 Purple SkyGem and 1 Red SkyGem

    Description: "What dastardlu gems!"

    Formula to make: 1 Blue SkyGem, 1 White SkyGem and 1 Purple SkyGem.

    Description: "Remixes your entire board one time!"

    Formula to make: 3 Blue SkyGems and 5 White SkyGems.

    Description: "Swaps any gem for a Flame Gem of that color!"

    Formula to make: 9 Red Sk…

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  • Gargantuar Blitzer

    (Don't ask why i am posting this here, i just am. Got a problem? Deal with it.)

    This is a random fusion fanfiction thingy which i am making. Got a problem? Deal with it.


    In the year 3015, there was a special mine opened on the planet B-J-WE-L'D-X4.

    It was very special, containing the gems only found on this galaxy, which have immense power and can be fused to create even more powerful gems, but the fusion thing was not known yet at that time.

    There were hundreds, no, thousands, no.. MILLIONS of those gems, coming at an infinite supply - The people on that planet became very rich in a matter of time, and soon, they started experimenting with those gems - where they started to realize the fusion thing that was just mentioned. They…

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  • NancyLebovitz

    Your Diamond Mine page says that hypercubes get lost when the screen scrolls up, but this isn't true. They're inaccessible when they aren't visible, but if you eliminate jewels below where you had a hypercube, you can get the hypercube back. I suspect the whole screen is preserved as it scrolls up, but I haven't checked other jewels as carefully. I would have added this to the page, but it's protected from editing.

    [Fully Protected Articles]

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  • AWikiBoy521

    Well, Oct. 18 is my birthday! I pretty much enjoyed that day except the fact that it is cloudy and rainy during that time but I still received some gifts like Pizza, two cakes (one in advance and the other on the same day) that I haven't eaten them during that day, and absolutely no other physical gifts! Still, that day reflects my personality and how I am now.

    Also, this is literally my first blog in this wiki! It's been a while on the blog side in this wiki.

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  • ErnestoAM

    ErnestoAM's Blog

    October 15, 2015 by ErnestoAM

    So um, now what?

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  • Colgatepony234

    Next year, Bejeweled will turn 15. The first Bejeweled game was released back in 2001. I hope something like what happened on the PopCap website when Bejeweled turned 10 will happen next year. Maybe there should be a way to make fruit bonuses with your own text (and it can be added to any video you want, not just Bejeweled videos). If they did something like that the limit would be 14 letters/numbers.

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  • Colgatepony234

    Meet Colgatepony234!

    September 25, 2015 by Colgatepony234

    Hi! I am a new editor on this wiki. I have been a Bejeweled/PopCap player since 2005. The first Bejeweled and also first PopCap game I have ever played is Bejeweled 2.

    About me (don't really know much so this is what I put):

    I am 15, in 10th grade now. When I first played these games I think I was in kindergarten or first grade.

    Favorite gem color would have to be yellow, purple, or white

    Proud founder of 2 other PopCap wikias:

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  • Jaimemoralorca


    September 15, 2015 by Jaimemoralorca

    If you want to download the superchanged and Spanish version of bejeweled twist, here is the link.

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  • Pika350

    I can?

    February 20, 2014 by Pika350

    Can I ally my wiki to yours? This is the wiki of Bejeweled in Spanish Thank you. Link Wiki:

    Hello, AmgryCraft, it's a pleasure to meet you.
    Sure! I think becoming affiliates sounds like a great idea. You may help yourself and use the screenshots and articles of this wiki to help expand yours, and I could also personally send you screenshots via e-mail (if you want me to, that is). I wish the very best of luck for you and your wiki. :)
    Gemspinner019 (talk) 03:41, February 22, 2014 (UTC)Gemspinner019
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  • Glewis721


    December 16, 2013 by Glewis721

    Hello everybody! wolcom to my blog!

    Hello, Glewis721, it's a pleasure to meet you. I hope you enjoy being a member of this wiki. :) Gemspinner019 (talk) 21:31, December 19, 2013 (UTC)Gemspinner019
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  • S256

    For those who don't know, QMP stands for "Quest Mode Plus" and features generally harder quests than the standard version. I can't do QMP1 as that wasn't released, but I can do QMP2, QMP3 and QMP4. I intend on adding additional headings and then writing out the description for each one. I'll hold off on my QMP5 until that has circulated for a few months.

    If we do decide to include QMP, what will we do regarding QMP4? It's a 160 quest bumperpack, and each of the 4 "parts" has the same quests, although there are 4 levels of difficulty for each type of quest. Should I include a note telling readers that there are more levels of difficulty and specify them? Some quests (like the Ice Storm series) appear in QMP4 20 times and I can see it becomin…

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  • S256

    Hey guys.

    I just read Gemspinner's update on the main page that listed things that need doing on the wiki. Right now there's one idea in my sandbox and another on the main page, and I can't decide what I want to do next.

    • Make pages for all the quest types (about 11 or 12 in total) [main page]
    • Finish the Bejeweled Blitz articles that are lying dormant. [sandbox]


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