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Blazing Steed
Blazing Steed
Basic information
Introduced November 26, 2011
Rare Gem type Standard
Harvest Coin 55,000
Streak Coin 45,000
Lowest Streak Coin 40,000

Blazing Steed is a standard type of Rare Gem in Bejeweled Blitz. It is a red, glowing lump of "fire" obsidian with part of it carved in the shape of a horse.

When a game begins, a Blazing Speed bonus that lasts for ten seconds is given. Throughout the game, explosions from clearing Flame Gems and gems during Blazing Speed bonuses are larger in which they remove all nearby gems in a diagonal 5×5 pattern.

After the Last Hurrah, three fiery horses stampede across the lower three rows of the game board. The horses transform eight basic gems into Flames Gems that clear themselves afterward.

It is possible to earn Blazing Steeds by participating in the Daily Spin five times a week. In the Facebook version of Bejeweled Blitz, it is also possible to earn Blazing Speeds by fulfilling certain Key Stones.


  • The name of this Rare Gem is a pun on Blazing Speed and steed.
  • While Blazing Steed is in effect, "The Voice" will say "Blazing Steed!" instead of "Blazing Speed!" upon achieving a Blazing Speed bonus.