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A Blazing Speed bonus as seen in Bejeweled 3.

Blazing Speed is a type of bonus featured in Bejeweled Blitz and Lightning mode in Bejeweled 3.


When the Speed Bonus is maxed out at +1000, the Ignition Meter is unlocked. Every quick match from then, the meter fills with orange fluid. In Bejeweled Blitz, you hear fire burning when you get close to Blazing Speed. When the Ignition Meter is completely filled with the fluid, Blazing Speed is activated.

During the effect of Blazing Speed, the board pulses orange and every matched gem will explode like a Flame Gem.


  • In Bejeweled Blitz, as the Ignition Meter is filled the sound of fire crackling can be heard. This sound gradually becomes louder as Blazing Speed is closer to being achieved.
  • In the Chinese version of Bejeweled 3, obtaining Blazing Speed in Lightning mode requires fewer matches of gems.
  • In the Chinese version of Bejeweled 3, it is possible to obtain Blazing Speed bonuses in Ice Storm mode and Hurried Bomb mode.
  • The Blazing Steed rare gem starts the game with a Blazing Speed. It is the only rare gem to do this.
  • A special sound effect is heard when Blazing Speed is achieved.
  • In Lightning mode from Bejeweled 3, if there is additional time stored in the Time Extension tank and the time remaining in the Timer Bar is shorter than the duration of Blazing Speed, the timer will "slow down" as to allow the clock to run out only after the Blazing Speed has passed.
  • In the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Bejeweled 3, getting the ability during Lightning mode awards the player with the Blazing Speed trophy.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Bàoliè Jísù
Violent Speed
FrenchVitesse foudroyanteLightning Speed
GermanRasantes TempoRapid Speed
ItalianVelocità fulminanteFulminant Speed
Burējingu Supīdo
Blazing Speed
PortugueseVelocidade de raioLightning Speed
SpanishVelocidad de rayoLightning Speed

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