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Bejeweled Stars, formally known as Bejeweled Skies, is the third spinoff of the Bejeweled series by PopCap Games. The game was soft-released to Canada on December 2015, and was released on select countries worldwide on May 2016.

Unlike previous games in the series, Bejeweled Stars is centered around the completion of levels. Once the player has completed one level, the next one is unlocked. Each level has its own objective, and some levels introduce the player to various game mechanics such as currents, clouds, Special Gems and said objectives. The game also introduces Powers (similar to Boosts) and SkyGems, which are used to create Powers and items in the Power Lab.


You can see all at List of Bejeweled Stars levels.

Types of level

There are many types of level mission. Below is a list of mission types.


  • Flame Swapper
  • Scrambler
  • Hammer
  • Flutter Gust
  • Fast Forward
  • Tide Turner
  • Star Swapper
  • Tile Swapper
  • Charm Key
  • Chicken Treat
  • Blazing Steed
  • Rain Deer

Special Gems

These are gems created by matching four or more gems. Unlike other games in the Bejeweled series, two Special Gems can be swapped next to each other in order to combine their effects.

Created by matching 4 gems in a row or as new feature to this game, matching gems into a 2x2 square. When matched, it creates a 3x3 blast. Created by matching 5 gems in a L or T pattern. When matched, it destroys a line and a column of gems. Created by matching 5 gems in a line. When swapped with a normal gem, it destroys all gems of the color it was swapped with. Replaces Supernova Gem from the previous games. Created by matching 6 or more gems in a line. When swapped, it converts all gems of the color it was swapped with to Hypercubes.Frostbloom count down each time when matching gems. If they reach zero, they explode in a diamond shape. The special gems can't be destroyed by any effect of Special Gem and matching. But they still be did by Hammer(Power).

Frostbloom is introduced in Level 236 (Garden of Ice).

Board element

Icon History


  • Some of the gameplay elements from Bejeweled 3 and Bejeweled Blitz returned such as the Butterflies mechanic.
  • It is the first game to have the new logo style with a new font and no warped text.

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