Bejeweled cover
Bejeweled was the first game that was released in the Bejeweled series.

It was first released as a free flash game around 2001, was originally with a time limit, and formally it was called as Diamond Mine, but this name was too similar to a game called Diamond Mines. Because of this, Microsoft suggested PopCap to change the name to Bejeweled and it eventually became successful.

The game was later ported into other platforms such as Windows and Mac, which was called Bejeweled Deluxe (although, early versions of this game was titled as Diamond Mine), the version that uses new 3D graphics including the gem spinning when clicked; iPod; Xbox (on Xbox Live Arcade); mobile phones (as J2ME); and more.

Game Modes

There are only two game modes in this game, and they are:

Normal Mode

Also known as Classic mode in some versions, the player must make matches to fill the bar at the bottom, and when it is full it will warp the player to the next level. The game ends when there are no more moves that can be made. Early versions of the flash game do not have this mode.

Timed Mode

Also known as Action mode in some versions, the game starts with the bar half full. It will then start to decrease every second, and the player must make matches to add more seconds, with bigger moves getting more time. The player will be warped to the next level when the bar is full; the game ends when the bar empties. When no more moves can be made, the game reshuffles the gems.


The music in the game were done by Peter Hajba (aka Skaven). There are three soundtracks in the entire game.  Each mode has its own music:

  1. Autonomous (Loading Screen and Main Menu)
  2. Network (Classic mode)
  3. Data Jack (Timed mode)




  • Data Jack (the music used in Timed mode) contained some parts of the song were that were left unused in the final game. These parts can only be accessed through a music tracker from the original file.
    • Additionally, one of the unused parts was in the original version of the song when it was released by Skaven back in 1994, around seven years before the game was released. The part was cut for unknown reasons during revisions. The original version can still be put back in the game as long as the player follows the instructions for replacing the game's music files with custom tracks.
  • Every time the level is completed, the board will change its appearance.
  • There is mini-game from another game made by PopCap, Plants vs. Zombies, called Beghouled where the player matches plants instead of gems and get sun instead of points by matching them.

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