Time Trial/Action

Bejeweled Time Trial Mode Level 1

Bejeweled 2 Action Mode Level 1

In-game music
"Beat the clock in timed version."
Bejeweled 2, game menu description

Action, also known as Action mode and Time Trial mode in Bejeweled, is one of the nine playable modes in Bejeweled 2 and one of the two modes in Bejeweled.


Action mode starts with the level-up bar half filled. Every second from then the bar will decrease every second. Matching gems will increase time with a few seconds. The bar must be completely fill to complete a level. But if the bar completely empties out, you lose.

In Bejeweled 2, reaching level 9 unlocks a secret mode, called Hyper mode.


  • In this mode on Bejeweled, the level-up bar changes color depending on how full it is.
  • In some versions of Bejeweled 2 such as the iPod version, it plays the Bejeweled version this game mode music instead.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning



Gem2 We need more Gems to level-up. Gem3

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Bejeweled 2

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